knife gate valve manufacturer in India

Knife gate valve

Controtek Global is the one of the leading knife gate valve manufacturer in India. Under the guidance of the “Mr. Thulaseedharan TK”, Controtek has been flourishing for the past four decades and has been emerged as the topmost knife gate valve manufacturer in the Ahmedabad.

From past 40 years we are providing our services in the national and the international market. The ball manufactured by us is of the best quality as no compromises are done at any stage of the ball manufacturing. We are providing a very wide range of products that are also available in the market.

The whole procedure is carried out under the expert guidance. The team is highly talented that monitors our ball valve and pipe fitting manufacturing. Our executive will assist you 24*7 in case of any guidance. Freely contact us, we are here to serve you always.

Knife Gate Valve manufacturer Product


The following products are provided by us. They are as follows

  • Ball Valve
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Knife Gate Valve
  • Gate Valve
  • Globe Valve
  • Diaphragm Valve
  • Wafer Check Valve
knife gate valve manufacturer

The valve manufactured by us is of superior quality. And, are also supplied across the globe in the different countries like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Thailand, etc. we are providing extremely fast and safe delivery in the every corner of our globe.

Reason for Selecting Our Knife Gate Valve india

  • Best valve is manufactured by us.
  • The production process carried out using latest machinery and technologies.
  • After passing several quality checks and testing it is delivered to customers.
  • Designed in such a way that they withstand extreme conditions and work flawlessly.
  • The valve provided by us is budget friendly.
  • Delivery process is very fast and is safely supplied locally or globally.
  • The knife gate valves are precise in measurement and are very light weight in measurement.
knife gate valve

An overview of Knife Gate Valve

The knife gate valve mainly operates only two positions either it remains on or off completely. They work very well in the adverse environment condition and are efficient for handling the slurries, gelatinous, coarse grain mixtures very well. The sharp blade of the Knife Gate Valve plays a major role in handling these type mixtures.

They are having very wide applications and are used in varied industries. Controtek Global is the leader in the Knife Gate valve manufacturer in India that also a diversified range is provided that also at effective prices.

The knife gate valves manufacturedby us are made up of the different materials like Iron, Cast Iron, Cast Stainless Steel, Cast Carbon Steel, etc. A very wide range varying in the materials and sizes is provided by us.

The major knife gate valves provided by us are as follows

  • Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve
  • Square Type Knife Gate Valve

Application of the Knife Gate Valve

The Knife Gate Valve manufactured by us has a very wide application and are used for following applications they are as follows

  • Food and beverage industries.
  • Different types of chemical industry.
  • Varied power plants.
  • Oil drilling and mining plants.
  • Water supply and water treatment plants.
knife gate valve use in diffrent industry

If you are situated in any parts of the world, whether it is locally or globally situated you can avail our services. Kindly contact us our executive is there to assist you 24*7. We are engaged in this field for last four decades and are known for a quality assured service that we had delivered in Indian and international markets and possess thousand of satisfied clients in the different part of the region.